2015 wrap up!

Another year passed by and there have been quite much development on the bot, and improvement on the model.

To sum it up: The model executed 6754 bets that were fully or partial matched. Of the 10 months that the bot ran, there were only one loosing month. A total ROI of 0.7%, 2.4 MSEK turned and 16 000 SEK won.

So what do I hope for 2016? Its not of any value to have financial goals, I will just try to improve the model, bot and risk management as much as possible and hope for the best…

But walking into 2016 with much better starting point than in 2015, a reasonable guess would be to turn at least 4 MSEK, and reach a ROI of 1 %. If that’s the case it would mean a profit around 40000 SEK.

So happy 2016 and lets kick some ass at Betfair 🙂