2016 started best possible way:

I managed to get matched in 820 unique markets, turned 322576 SEK (approx. 33875 EUROS) which ended up in a profit of 9516 SEK (approx. 999 EUROS). This equals a ROI of 2.9 %, which is far above my long term target (1.5%). A good start makes it easier to stay with my models even on a rainy day.

When splitting these results down to back type (1,X,2,O/U):

The only problem sign right now is when backing the away team, 0.1 % is to low although the normalised ROI implies that I had some bad luck. The exposure is also to low to act on.

Last year february was a real poor month for me, since then there have been many improvements (and disimprovements…) on the model so if I at least can make a break even in february then I am ahead of 2015 results.